How to Spread the Gospel when you are an Introvert?

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How to Spread the Gospel when you are an Introvert?

Spreading the gospel can be really hard when you are an introvert, and often times social anxiety can take over, forcing you to flee having conversation. As a Christian spreading the good news is something you should be proud of, however fear and anxiety can literally take over.

Well let me tell you something my friend. Fear is not of God. God is literally the only one you should fear in life. So how should one spread the gospel if they are afraid to talk to strangers?

This tote bag I created is actually a perfect way to spread the gospel. Think about it. You walk into a grocery store, you select your items, and you go to the check out line, and somebody notices the bible scripture you have written on your Tote bag, and starts a conversation with you. This is now your opportunity to drop your guard down and speak about your love of Jesus.

See I'm the type of person that loves it when strangers talk to me first, because it removes that awkward feeling. Once somebody talks to me first my guard is down, and I am able to have a normal conversation without feeling so overwhelmed

A tote bag is not the only way to grab somebodies attention. You can even have your favorite scripture written on a t shirt and walk around town with a smile on your face, letting everyone see that light. Remember you are a new creation in Christ.

Before you know it, you'll start attracting more attention. So when somebody takes the time to strike up a conversation with you, make sure you tell them about your Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Never feel ashamed to share your testimony. Overtime you'll have confidence to approach first strangers, and tell them the good news.

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